2019 Sessions


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Nature Healing, Five steps into implementing Nature into our LIVES

This session will help women understand the important of our health when we expose our mind and bodies into Nature. The audience will have clear understanding that nature is not intimidating but taking one step at a time that builds confidence to taking bigger steps.

Expanding Your Mindset for Adventure

In this session you will learn practices to help expand your mindset and overcome obstacles that keep you from getting out on the trail or going farther or doing harder trails. I will discuss how confidence is the after effect of action, how to move through the discomfort of growth, and practices that can help you get out and expand your belief in your own potential.

Staying on the Trail Longer with Essential Oils

As outdoor enthusiasts, women on the trail tend to have an appreciation for nature and for natural things. Little is more pleasing then the sunset across the evening sky after a long day of pushing your body and mind to your personal edge. What a thrill it is to sit and rest at the end of the day and reflect on your accomplishment.

Introduction to Trail & Ultra Running

This session will educate and encourage new trail runners to get out in nature and start running! It will be designed to appeal to both brand new runners and “new-to-trail” runners, with a brief touch on “ultra running” (which may appeal to some more seasoned runners).

Mountain Therapy

In this session you will discover how exploring the outdoors can help you find your authentic self and get you on the trail of recovery. From getting lost on trails, adventuring through croc-infested swamps to becoming a road cyclist and conquering mountains, I was able to heal from grief and self-loathing.

The Science of Trail Running Better, Faster, & Injury Free

This session will be a fun and engaging look at how so much of what we believe about running and trail running is scientifically not true. We’ll discuss an all-encompassing approach to running better and injury free, and how to hit the trail with confidence.

How to find the right women's MYSTERY RANCH pack

In this session you will hear from industry legend, Dana Gleason. Explore his 40 plus years of backpack making experience – Dana has dedicated his career to building the best load-bearing equipment in the world. While more recently, Dana and the MYSTERY RANCH team have focused their design efforts to make packs that fit all users, specifically fitting packs for the women’s body in MYSTERY RANCH’s Mountain and Hunting lines.

How to Have Happy Healthy Strong Feet

Your feet are made to bend, move, flex and feel the world. They can support you for your entire life if you treat them right. In this session, you’ll learn how to have strong, healthy, happy feet, and how doing so could alleviate foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain. Plus, we’ll talk about the right and wrong shoes to help you live life feet first!

Zpacks Women's Line Overview

Our presentation will help women choose the Best Hiking Gear/Clothes for them. We plan to provide tips on selecting lightweight gear/clothes for thru-hiking, and we will touch on the unique challenges for women when selecting outdoor gear and clothing. We will cover how to select the best backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing, and we will touch on why unisex options may not be the best option.

Exploring Trails with Tots

In this session, a panel of speakers will provide tips, tricks and advice to help you get outside and enjoy public lands with your babies, toddlers and children. From taking the first trail-based trek with a newborn to planning multi-day backpacking trips with toddlers, we’ll share wisdom from mamas who have explored the trails in their backyard forests, wilderness areas and everything in between across the country.

Making Time for Adventure: 7 Ways to Incorporate Outdoor Recreation Into Your Busy Life

Everyone knows the mental and physical benefits of getting outside and on the trail, but few of us have a great way to fit this into our already busy lives. In this session you’ll learn some of the easiest ways to be more efficient in your life so you can prioritize time on the trail without taking away from your work, family, or self-care.

Wild Brilliance - The Nature of River Running

This session will give an overview of how to put together and run your own solo or multi-person river trips, to learn about the wilderness, and find your place in it.

Gain Confidence and Control on Your Mountain Bike

This session will provide pointers and tips for improved control and confidence on your mountain bike! The innovative PowerPoint presentation ponders the questions…Why do you ride? What type of rider do you want to be? What are some strategies to get there? How can the easy-to-remember B-DAWWs acronym improve your riding?

Racing Internationally: How to Find Trail Races in Foreign Places

In this session you will learn step by step how to go about researching, signing up and racing a trail race in foreign country. Combine your vacation with a scheduled race or vice versa and understand what to expect and how to feel confident when traveling and experiencing the outdoors in a new place.

Staying Dry: Eco-Friendly Hygiene Products for Travel/Hiking/Backpacking

In this session, we’ll talk about the best ways to avoid that uncomfortable leakage women sometimes get, and how to handle it while traveling, hiking, and backpacking. What does incontinence have to do with getting women to travel and explore?

Packing for Your First Backpacking Trip

Taking the leap from day hiker to backpacker can feel overwhelming at first. Suddenly, you need to carry so much more than just Clif bars and a water bottle. In this session, you’ll learn the art of packing a backpack for your first overnight trip…

MTB Gear Guide

The MTB Gear Guide clinic is all about giving you the insights and considerations you need to select a mountain bike with confidence. We’ll cover the exact steps you need to take on how to set up your bike’s main components, like brakes and suspension, while also providing guidance for all your safety gear, from helmets to shoes. You’ll walk-away with a list of what to carry with you on your ride to stay safe, comfortable, and prepared for whatever you might face on your mountain bike adventures.

Better Moves for Better Movement

This session will provide participants with information and activities that are designed specifically to increase longevity and reduce injury. In this session, information will be provided to critically look at training as it relates to specific activities as well s activities which enhance overall performance.